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Salomi is such a wonderful speech therapist. We were referred to her from Seattle Children's Hospital when our son (age 4) was given his first AAC device. She mixed learning with play so that he was always entertained and engaged.- Matt and Chanel Ducher (and Jackson😊)'

Thank you very much for working with Karolina for the past 18 months. She truly enjoyed all exercises and games. As a speech therapist you made the process look very effortless and fun for a young child with great end results.- Pastusiak family

I took my son to Early Star Speech Therapy because he was not producing some sounds "c","s". Salomi was great at teaching him the correct positions of the tongue and mouth, her methods worked great and he got the sounds very quickly. She makes the therapy session feel like play time and makes the kids work hard with them feeling happy and entertained. She also gives tools to parents to work with the kids at home and help with the progress. My son loves her and looks forward to every session with her.- Petersen family

Our 4 year old daughter went to Early Start for speech clarity and articulation. She loved playing with Ms Salomi and always looked forward to her sessions. She made very quick progress and was able to correct most of her sounds within 6-7 months.- Garg family

My daughter loved working with Salomi.  Salomi's warm and friendly personality kept my daughter engaged and learning.  Salomi put together the perfect therapy plan for my daughter, and taught her several strategies that in my own daughter's words, 'gave her a developmental leap' in her auditory processing, reading comprehension, and note-taking skills.  We will be forever grateful to Salomi for the work she did with my daughter.- J.Z 

My son started speech therapy around eighteen months after he started to lose words and verbal language. This was my first child and being told there was concern with his lack of verbal speech development was scary. After doing some research and with some confirming recommendations I immediately felt at ease going to work with Salomi.
She was fantastic, always welcoming us with a smile and excitement to “play” with my son. He enjoyed speech therapy and looked forward to his appointments. Salomi was able to make her sessions fun and productive, always looking for ways to cater to his likes while addressing his needs. Salomi was able to guide him in practicing sounds, words, phrases and finally sentences. She helped him gain the confidence he needed and gave me tools to help support his progress at home. Now he is three years old speaking confidently in clear full sentences. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for her help. I highly recommend Salomi Daftary.

- Eichenbaum family

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