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What is an accent?

Each one of us is unique in our styles of speaking and communicating. Our culture, experiences, places we have lived, and languages we have learned, influence how we speak. 

The different ways in which a group of people speaking the exact same language sound -- is called an accent. This diversity is something we want to embrace and celebrate! 
However, your accent can sometimes make it difficult for others to understand you. It may interfere with communication and negatively impact professional or personal goals.

How we can help?
Our goal at Spring Speech Therapy is help you communicate clearly and effectively, eliminating communication breakdowns, so that you can achieve your goals, without changing who you are!

Our systematic process of assessing, identifying areas of difficulty, strategies, and practice schedules will have you making significant positive changes in a matter of weeks!


Feel free to get in touch with questions or to schedule a FREE consultation.

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